New woodwork in the shop!

4 wooden rakusu rings against a black background.

A great new addition has been added to the shop! Rev. Ōshin has carved some wonderful new rakusu rings in a variety of exotic woods. Currently being offered are rings hand-carved from; lacewood, mora, gonçalo alves, zebrawood, and bubinga. From striking to subtle, there's quite a selection, at a great price. In addition he will take custom orders and special requests as well. We may soon be expanding our shop! 
Contact us through the website for more information.

Our first post!

Monju Bosatsu resting on a matching walnut platform

This is our first blog post!
We wanted to share a nice little piece of news with the sangha, and what a better way than to test out a new area of our website. Our altar has a wonderful new addition! Zen practitioner, master woodworker, and friend of the NBZ sangha, Eric Shokei Manigian has donated a wonderful altar platform to us! Seen above and below in some sample pictures, this handsome platform matches our Monju Bosatsu or Manjushri Bodhisattva statue.

Monju Bosatsu on the new altar platform with incense koro, candle, water offering and flowers.

Crafted by hand in his workshop in Brooklyn, NY, this walnut platform will serves us well for years to come. Shokei sends his best wishes and loving support to our burgeoning community.

And we thank Shokei for his generous dana, and skillful work.

If you would like to see more of Shokei's work, you can see his online portfolio here:
Eric Shokei Manigian