Oshin Jennings named Dharma Holder

Oshin smiling, wearing a brown rakusu, standing in front of a large rock.

Rev. Oshin Jennings has been named a Dharma Holder by his teacher Enkyo O'Hara Roshi! 
While away on summer retreat Oshin and his Dharma brother, Tokuyu, were named Hoshi, or assistant teachers in the White Plum lineage. They were given brown rakusu in a private ceremony on August 14th, and look forward to serving in their new role. This is exciting news for the No Barriers Zen community and for the future of accessible Buddhism. 9 bows!

New ASL Dictionary Entries

Screen Shot of NBZ's list of ASL Videos

Screen Shot of NBZ's list of ASL Videos

We just uploaded our first 6 entries into our ASL Buddhist Dictionary here on the website! The site is starting to really come together, and front and center is this great new educational page; our dictionary! Our hope for this dictionary is that it helps to create a culture of education and access. With study and communication being two of our Five Expressions, it is vitally important to continually foster the study of our languages. Our communication, or how we express the Dharma in our lives, and how we connect with each other while doing it, is an important piece of our spirituality!

Added to this new dictionary are ASL signs for: "Buddhism", "Buddhist", "Nirvana", and three sign variations for "Buddha". With many more signs to come in the near future. If you have questions about these signs, or you would like to offer feedback, please contact us.