Oshin with NBZ and VZ sangha members in Bolivia

Ōshin is with members of NBZ sangha and the Village Zendo sangha in Bolivia for a sesshin and a series of special events commemorating 25 years of Bolivian Zen!

NBZ and VZ sangha members are joining Dojo Phajjsi Qollut Jalsu, the Bolivian Zendo, for a momentous sesshin and variety of speakers on special topics in La Paz, Bolivia.

Poster image description is below the image.

NBZ 25 Years of Bolivian Zen Poster

Image description: A poster advertising for a series of talks. The poster is white with a minimal design, Across the top of the poster is the title "Ciclo de charlas Sobre meditacion zen" and an image of a long branch. The rest of the poster reads: "Celebrando 25 años de prática zen en Bolivia." There is a headshot of Oshin and the text underneath it "Martes 27 de Junio 'Zen y el arte de la discapacidad' Monje zen Hoshi Oshin Jennings del Village Zendo en Nueva York. Hora: 19:00." Then a headshot of Shinryu Sensei, and the text under that reads "Miercoles 28 de Junio 'La luna redonda se levanta por encima de la montaña: 25 años del Zen en los Andes' Sensei Shinryu Thomson. Maestro del Centro Zen Phajjsi Qollut Jalsu en La Paz y del Village Zendo en Nueva York. Hora: 19:00." Then a headshot of Dr. Neil Soten Theise, and the text under that reads: "Martes 4 de Julio 'Quiénes somos? Células Madre, Complejidad u Coencia del Ser' Dr. Neil Soten Theise Médico, Investigador cientifico y practicante del Village Zendo en Nueva York. Hora: 19:00" Below those images and text there is more text that reads "Lugar de las charlas: Centro Integral Ser Libre, Julio Patiño 1042 Entre 16 y 17 Calacoto Teléfono: 2792247 Aporte: 50 BS www.zenbolivia.com." Below that there are 5 tiles images at the bottom of the page: "Informes 78931331 76291372 67108106" Then an image of a moon rising above a mountain, "Centro Zen Phajjsi Qollut Jalus, 25 Años, Practica Zen en La Paz Bolivia".

Liturgical Interpreting Conference, Sept. 23-25 2016

Liturgical Interpreting conference poster, showing interpreters in a church and mosque setting.

This week is the Liturgical Interpreting Conference! And at the time of this posting there is still room for participants! For registration and more information you can visit the website:
Oshin will be presenting at the conference on interpreting Buddhism. He will be joining a diverse panel of presenters, who represent a wide array of religions and are focused on many diverse topics.
The conference is being hosted at Gallaudet University and includes lunches and not to mention CEU's! We are looking forward to this conference and hearing what Oshin and the NBZ sangha learn from their experience.

A second Liturgical Interpreting Conference poster, with head shots of each of the 6 presenters and information about the conference and the website www.liturgicalinterpreting.com